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Welcome to the Johnson European Club, Johnson's organization dedicated to increasing awareness of how Europe has influenced society in America and to highlighting the ongoing effects that the EU has on global economics and culture. 

Here are some of the events currently on our schedule over the coming semesters:

  • Social Events  |  Throwing the Johnson Oktoberfest in conjunction with Johnson on Tap during the fall, deciding between a few potential spring event options, and celebrating European Heritage Day in May
  • Cultural Education  |  Holding European Breakfasts showcasing the traditional food and customs of different European nations, European Union Lecture Series covering different aspects of the business and economics of the EU in partnership with the Emerging Markets Institute
  • Professional Development  |  Career support including the upcoming London Trek, alumni contacts in many European countries, professional connections abroad across all industries
  • Johnson Community Building |  Working with Johnson administration to develop cross-cultural seminars to connect and contrast business climates in the US and EU, as well as with admissions ambassadors domestic and abroad to refocus on recruiting and marketing a Cornell MBA in Europe