Old Ezra

Finance Club



The Finance Club, named after Ezra Cornell, the founder of this renowned Ivy League University, is the oldest and largest club at Cornell’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. The club is committed to enhancing Johnson’s presence in the finance industry and providing its members the tools necessary for successful recruiting and exceptional workplace performance.

Members leverage the Club’s extensive network and resources in pursuit of rewarding internship and full-time opportunities within Corporate Finance, Private Wealth Management, Research, Investment Banking Advisory Services, and Sales & Trading among others.



After returning from summer internships, 2nd-Year Old Ezra Club members cover the following topic areas through seminars, hands-on exercises, and 1-on-1 sessions:

  • Market analysis

  • Interview training

  • Valuation techniques

  • Career opportunity guidance

  • Recruitment process coaching

  • Resume crafting and pitch content & delivery



1st-Year members are coached throughout recruitment in a coordinated approach by the following programs and efforts:

  • Johnson Immersion Learning: Investment BankingCapital Markets & Asset Management, and Managerial Finance

    • a semester long, practical application of finance in the spring of 1st year, tailored to prepare students for summer internships

  • Johnson Career Work Groups

    • weekly roundtable discussions led by 2nd-Years in 6-10 person groups

  • JPrep Sessions

    • weekly seminars led by practitioners on the workplace application of finance

  • Old Ezra Meetings

    • weekly general and career-tailored sessions, designed to educate incoming members and enhance the collaborative recruiting experience

  • Other Old Ezra Club Efforts

    • Mock Behavioral & Technical Interviews

    • Co-Event Sponsorships

    • Old Ezra Recruiting & Interview Guide

    • Social Events

    • Annual Old Ezra Case Competition