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  • Access Johnson

    Residential MBA Clubs - Community, Diversity

    Website Mission

    Access Johnson offers three levels of membership in order to accommodate all students, at whatever their comfort level, to be involved.

    Access 1- Publicly identifies as a person with a disability and/or neurodiversity

    Access 2- Identifies as a person with a disability and/or neurodiversity only to AJ board member and faculty

    Advocate- For those who have family members with disabilities and/or neurodiversities and those who would like to learn more

    Johnson students are invited to self-identify as a person with a disability and/or neurodiversity or as an active advocate through their membership selection. This helps Access Johnson and Johnson's Office of Diversity and Inclusion identify and communicate directly with those individuals that publicly identify. Self-identification is optional. For individuals who want to get involved with Access Johnson but would not like to self-identify, we invite you to select the Advocate membership option.

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