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Virtual Poker Tournament

by Johnson Poker Club


Thu, 26 Mar 2020

8:20 PM – 10:30 PM

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Johnson Poker Club’s first official event! To ensure that everyone can stay safe we have setup a virtual poker tournament on Poker Stars to play from the comfort of your homes. The tournament will take place Tomorrow, 3/26 (Thu) 8:30pm EST. We encourage you to have some fun while social distancing!

Instructions to join the virtual “club”
1. Download PokerStars software
2. Create an account (Your real name is preferred for your ID)
3. Click on “Home Games” Tab located on the bottom right corner of the screen
4. Click the "Join a Poker Club" Button
5. Enter Club ID - "3266453"; Invitation code - "Cornell123"; Your Real Name (this is important to track who enters)
6. A board member of the club will “approve” your membership to our private Johnson Home Game!
7. You will receive an email notification that your membership has been approved on Poker Stars
8. Once you are approved, click "Open Club Lobby" and register for the event by clicking “schedule” tab and “register”

Tournament Format

- Entry Fee: $20 cash tournament
- Payment Method: please Venmo $20 to ID "Phil-Park-9" by 3/26(Thu) 8:00pm [***indicate your Poker Star ID AND real name in the Venmo***]
- Starting chips : 20,000
- Blinds: start at 15/30 raise every 5 minutes (we anticipate the tournament will take around 2 hours if you win)
- No rebuys, no add-ons (once you lose, you’re out)
- We'll figure out payouts based on how many people join, but if 6 people join top 2 get paid, if 9 people join top 3 get paid, etc.

Important note: Once you join Poker Stars, you will get 35,000 “free” play-money chips. Every four hours, you can click on “Free Chips” on the top right of your screen for a free 15,000 chips. You can also elect to purchase 1 million fake chips for $2.99 (but this is not necessary to play your first tournament). This is important as you will need to use 20,000 fake chips to enter the tournament. That is the lowest entry fee we can set on Poker Stars.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or any of the other Board Members with any questions about the tournament or how to enter.

Good luck!
Johnson Poker Club

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