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About Us

The Politics & Geopolitics Club is a non-partisan professional and social club intended to provide a forum in which Johnson and Cornell students can learn about and discuss current public policy and geopolitical events and ideas. The club's focus will often be targeted at the intersection of various political issues and business.









Members Benefits

Learn more about important current and past political issues - Get a better understanding on the relationship between business and government - Listen to expert guest speakers on various public policy (tech regulation, healthcare, taxes, social security, etc.) and geopolitical issues - Have regular discussions with people across Cornell about the latest political events - Partner with other schools or other clubs to attend national conferences - Receive notifications on related events at Cornell University or in NYC - Form an opinion on how various domestic and international events impact you and your area of interest

Events & Activities

Our club holds a number of events over the course of the academic year.  Ask our officers if you're interested in whats coming up next!

Exclusive Resources

The Politics & Geopolitics club has the entirety of Cornell University as a resource.  This includes our current community as well as distinguished alumni.


This is an excelled forum to meet new politicos, learn more about your classmates' home country political system, and participate in healthy debate in a safe environment.

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