Johnson's Marketing Association offers a supportive,  community for those students pursuing careers in marketing. We provide our members with numerous opportunities to network with recruiters, prepare for interviews, gain practical learning experience, and complement their coursework with educational lectures from marketing managers and senior leaders in a variety of industries.


The Marketing Association works closely with the Career Management Center to drive students' success in marketing recruiting and interview preparation. Last year, 100% of Marketing Association members received offers for summer internships.

Many marketing recruiting events are exclusive to MA members, such as company-hosted breakfasts, store checks with brand mangers, office hours with recruiters and career panel discussions with alumni.

Recruiting & Interview Preparation

Marketing Association meetings are designed with the primary goal of providing recruiting help.

Some of the things meetings cover include:

  • Timelines for on-campus and off-campus recruiting (this includes diversity conferences)
  • Preparation for meeting with recruiters
  • Information on how to professionally conduct informational phone calls
  • Cover letters and resumes help and best-practice
  • Interview preparation to land the internship.

Career Work Groups

  • The Career Work Groups (CWG) offer customized interview preparation to ensure your success in recruiting.
  • The marketing association meetings introduce recruiting topics while your CWG provides the platform to practice interview skills and review your recruiting materials.
  • In a CWG, two second-year MBA students lead a team of 5-6 first-year marketing MBAs through interview practice, case review prep, and recruitment best practices. The CWGs are broken out by industry, in order to tailor your marketing interview preparation to your industry of choice, whether it be consumer packaged goods, technology, or retail. The groups meet weekly as recruiting begins in the fall.
  • “The CWGs were instrumental for me in the recruiting process, especially when it came time to prepare for interviews. Everybody at top business schools has great accomplishments to talk about, what separates you from the pack is how you deliver that information in a clear and concise manner. After multiple mock interviews and feedback sessions that helped me organize my stories, there were no surprises when it came to the interview process. I performed like I practiced and as a result I’ll be heading to a top CPG company this summer.” - Spencer Shih, MBA 2015

Marketing Trek

The Marketing Trek is a major recruiting event organized by the Marketing Association each year. This is a 5-day trek to New York City and the New York City area to meet the leadership and visit the campuses of top service, retail, and consumer-product firms.

In 2013, this trek visited six companies that recruit on campus at Johnson; Mars, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, and Reckitt Benckiser.


The Johnson Marketing Immersion Learning Program is designed to give every Johnson Marketer hands-on experience with a leading US company. The semester-long consulting project gives students the chance to solve a marketing problem before they begin their internships, giving them a significant competitive advantage among their peers. By generating consumer insights and testing hypotheses with marketing research, teams have the opportunity to make and defend recommendations that will have a real-world impact on the business bottom line.

Strategic Product and Marketing Immersion

SPMI brochure

Typical Consulting Project Tasks:

Students are assigned to teams and consult with their product’s brand manager to understand the scope of the marketing problem.

Each student team begins to conduct secondary research, using industry-specific resources to provide new insights for their client, and examine any existing primary research that has been conducted by the brand.

Qualitative and quantitative research is conducted by each team, giving students the opportunity to develop consumer insights from in-depth consumer interviews, focus groups or consumer surveys.

Students deliver their recommendations in a cap-stone presentation, delivered to their senior marketing managers at their client’s organization as well as senior Johnson faculty.

“I think the Immersion Project experience played a big role in helping me manage expectations and perform well over the summer in my internship.” – Sasha Abraham, MBA ’13, current General Mills Associate Marketing Manager

Immersion Trek

The Immersion Trek is an educational trip organized by the Strategic Marketing Immersion. This 3-day trek to the New York City area is designed to help inform future marketing, product and brand managers about the various roles and organizations that with which they will engage throughout their careers. Each year, the trek visits advertising agencies, public relations firms, CPGs, marketing consulting firms, media agencies and design firms to learn about the crucial roles those companies play in the marketing mix.


MA members are among the most active students on campus. Members eagerly compete in national case competitions judged by top recruiting companies. Several on-site company visits are coordinated to further solidify recruiter relationships before interview season begins. We host an on-campus Super Bowl Ad Review to discuss the MVP’s and underdogs of advertising. Executive Coaching is an exclusive opportunity for members to meet with 20+ marketing executives to discuss topics of your choice. There’s never a shortage of MA events!

Marketing Executive Coaching Program

Each year, the Marketing Executive Coaching Program (MECP) brings dozens of marketing executives from across the country to Johnson for a two-day mentoring symposium. These executives represent a wide range of industries and sectors, giving students an unparalleled opportunity to network with veteran marketers and better understand the diversity of marketing careers. MECP participants have multiple opportunities to meet with executives, whether in one-on-one mentoring sessions, following panel discussions, or during networking receptions. MECP participants leave the symposium not only with career advice and the perspective of seasoned executives, but with a potential network of mentors.

MECP is led by Johnson alum and Visiting Senior Lecturer F. Warren Ellish. Ellish is Founder, President and CEO of Ellish Marketing Group, and was a Founding Partner and former VP Marketing of Boston Market. 

Battle of the Brands

Battle of the Brands is Johnson’s annual marketing challenge, providing students with a unique hands-on marketing experience. Company sponsors provide the products, and students provide the marketing. First-year student teams are tasked with creating and executing a marketing plan, selling their wares during a jam-packed Sage Social, and presenting their project in front of professors, peers, and company sponsors - all within two weeks.

After receiving an assigned product from a major consumer goods company, teams spend the first week collecting and analyzing data, segmenting the “Johnson market”, selecting a target segment, and determining how to position their product. Teams then employ their core marketing frameworks to develop and execute a marketing plan, each competing to best promote and sell their product. Ultimately, the Johnson community of consumers - alongisde an esteemed panel of faculty judges - decides which team will claim glory as the Battle of the Brands victor.

“I enjoyed Battle of the Brands because it allowed students to implement a comprehensive marketing campaign to a live market for the first time. We were responsible for every aspect of the campaign, from advertising, to placement, to pricing—all with actual consequences. This is the first chance to test what we’ve learned in the classroom in practice. It was also a lot of fun!” – A. Ted Allister, Class of 2015 – Finance Summer Intern at Proctor & Gamble

“Battle of the Brands is the most riveting and enchanting two week experience you will have during the Cornell MBA. From gushing start to the thrilling conclusion, it is one of those mythical experiences that one needs to journey across in the land of Ithaca.” – Tiger Cai, Class of 2015