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Student Activity Fund Approval Guidelines and Procedures
Johnson Student Budget Committee (SBC)


The purpose of the SBC managed student fund, which is administered by 4 Johnson students, is to provide financial support to student activities that perform one or more of the following objectives: 

  • Enhance Johnson visibility in the public arena. Generally, events that fall into this category are formally organized, regular, and likely to generate a reasonable level of publicity rather than being informal and self-entertaining. 
  • Promote student involvement, inclusion, and participation within Johnson and the greater Cornell community.


  • Fund requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event. However, earlier notification for funding requests for events in the current semester is strongly encouraged. Reimbursement of expenses cannot be processed after the event has taken place, unless the event had the SBC’s prior approval before the event. 
  • Parties seeking fund approval should submit a written request to the SBC (incl. emails to prior to the event to show their qualifications and needs for the fund. The request should detail the organization’s fiscal budget and provide a breakdown for the use of the particular funds requested (i.e. registration fee, accommodations, supplies, food). 
  • Requests will be reviewed case by case. SBC will keep a log that records each request, decision, and purpose. These decisions will serve as precedents for future references. 
  • No funding requests will be considered after the event has taken place. 

Decision Factors: 

  • The amount of money granted will be based on the level of impact of the event and the benefit to the Johnson community. The size and/or total cost of the event are not determining factors. 
  • In order to support the process of club registration with Johnson, the SBC will not grant funding to established clubs that did not complete the registration process. At the same time, the above rule will not prohibit individuals or informal groups from receiving funding. 
  • Parties seeking fund approval must demonstrate good-faith efforts to raise funds from other sources (i.e. Graduate and Professional Student Assemblies Finance Commission) and should not rely solely on the SBC fund.


Adopted March 2002