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Congratulations! You have completed activating your Cornell NetID. See instructions below for accessing your Cornell Email.

To prepare yourself as a Cornell Metro MBA (CEMBA) student, please review the information below and get to know some of the services and resources available to you.

Please bookmark this web page before proceeding.
Set your NetID password security questions:
During your NetID activation, you were given the option to set your security questions.  These questions are the way to reset your NetID password if you forget it.  It is imperative that you use questions with answers you can easily remember, or it will be difficult to reset your password due to proof of identity policies.  If you did not set these questions, go to and click "Set Your Security Questions". 

Accessing your Cornell Email:

Please note: it generally takes 1 - 4 hours for your account to become fully functional. After this you should be able to begin using your Cornell email. Cornell offers two email accounts (MS Office 365 and CMail (Google for education)). It is strongly recommended that you use Cornell's Cmail account. This is the account that you will keep and take with you when you graduate. If you choose to use Office 365, you will need to migrate from that account at graduation or risk losing any course data you may have saved during your time with us.

To start using your Cornell email, go to and log in using your full Cornell email address ( and the password you created when you activated your NetID.

To access your Cmail (Cornell Gmail) account on your Android device, click HERE for instructions. To access your CMail (Cornell email) account on your IPhone, IOS device click HERE for instructions.

IMPORTANT: To help protect your account and prevent your account from being locked out, it is strongly recommended that you setup two-step authentication. Visit for more information on this process and getting it setup for your protection.

Things to know
  • Canvas - Johnson uses Cornell's Canvas service to share course materials between Faculty and students.  Click here to begin learning about Canvas. Click here to take advantage of Canvas Tutorials
  • think-cell - The SC Johnson Cornell College of Business has partnered with think-cell Software to provide free access to students, faculty, and staff. think-cell automates the creation of high-impact data-driven presentations. For more information about think-cell or to download the software, please visit​​
  • Student Essentials - View your current course information, financial aid, and personal information, including emergency contact information.  Click here to become familiar with Student Center.
  • Management Library - As a CEMBA student, you have access to databases, workshops, e-journals, and much more.  Click here to start exploring the library.
  • Career Tools - Johnson offers CEMBA students a comprehensive package of career services and a wide range of tools to assist with understanding career management issues and the career planning process. Click here to learn more about the Career Management Center (CMC).
  • Microsoft Office: MS Office is currently available for free to all registered Cornell Students and can be downloaded here. The software will remain active as long as you are a registered student. Once you graduate, you will have the opportunity to keep using the software by paying a fee directly to Microsoft.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please email us at
Please click HERE for more program Information.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at