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Who We Are

BR Microenterprise (BRM) is a student-run organization that spurs microenterprise development by assisting self-employed individuals reach their business goals. Launched in January of 2009 under the name BR MicroCapital, BRM seeks to meet a critical need by working with promising, but underserved entrepreneurs in the local community. BRM partners with Alternatives Federal Credit Union (Alternatives), a leading community development credit union, and the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise (Center) to support microbusiness owners. By offering targeted business assistance including loans to entrepreneurs, our goal is to contribute to the local community, supporting inclusive wealth creation and economic development.

The first such program among business schools, BRM serves as a bridge connecting the human capital and resources of the Johnson School with talented, community-based entrepreneurs. Through customized support services that recognize the challenges faced by self-employed microbusiness owners, we assist clients reach their goals and build successful businesses.

In Fall 2012, after consulting fellows, clients and general community, BRM changed its name to BR Microenterprise as a means to better convey its vision and to step closer to its core skills. 

What We Offer

BRM provides business and lending support to entrepreneurs. The business support program is structured to assist self-employed individuals think through their business strategies and tackle difficult business challenges. The lending support program offers customized loans at favorable rates. These programs are designed to work together, offering coaching support and lending where small injections of capital can make the difference between the success or failure of a microbusiness.


BR MicroCapital

 BR MicroCapital