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What is BRTS?

BR Tech is a student-led program that brings together MBA students and Cornell Engineering PhD candidates. MBA students who are part of BRTS help Cornell Engineering PhD canditates analyze and formulate commercialization opportunities for early-stage technology. Every year six early-stage technologies from around Cornell are selected as part of the PhD Commercialization Fellows Program.

What is a Commercialization Fellowship?

Know more about the Commercialization Fellowship from here:

Who is BRTS for?

The short answer is - BRTS is for everyone! The long answer is that BRTS gives you an opportunity to be involved with a proven technology from a very early stage on the business side. It gives you an opportunity to work with PhD students, get exposed to entrepreneurship faculty and work on upcoming technologies. To give you an idea, in the past we have had people who have been interested in tech, consulting, entrepreneurship, energy among several other varied interests.

What does the BRTS program look like?

Involvement in BRTS begins in September. First Year MBA students who are part of BRTS are divided into teams and allocated a technology based on their preferences. They work closely with the PhD who developed the technology, a second year mentor and entrepreneurship faculty. Over the next four months, they go through training programs, are exposed to entrepreneurship events and in the end develop a commercialization plan for the technology.

What have past projects looked like?

Keep looking out for this space for some projects that will be presented in December 2017

Who have been part of BRTS before?

You can visit this group on Linkedin to get to know BRTS alumni:

Do I get academic credit for this?

As a first year MBA student you get 1 credit for being part of BRTS.

How do I apply?

We make the application live in September every year on most Cornell Johnson forums and also send out mails to students who have shown interest in the program. We also have an opportunity to join the group as a member to work on some of our other opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs. To be on the mailing list, keep an eye out for the BRTS table at Destination Johnson and the Club Fair that taking place early on the fall semester. Also, feel free to reach out to any the club officers anytime!