Retail & Luxury Club (RLC)

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About Us

Dedicated to serving Johnson students interested in seeking a career path in the luxury and retail sectors as well as providing students with an opportunity to understand and network with professionals within these industries.

While Luxury and Retail is sometimes associated with deep pockets, exclusivity, and name brands, we believe that it is something more.  Luxury shoppers are a diverse group of people with wide-ranging tastes, values, and personal histories. They seem brands that speak to them, whether it's through heritage, emotional connection, aspirations, self expression, or craftsmanship. These can include anything from clothing lines, jewelry, home furnishings, watches, beauty products, cars, vacations, tech and liquor... to mattresses, handsoaps, and kitchen tools.

Luxury brands are those that make a personal connection, and we're a club of people who are passionate about those brands.

Come join us, whether you're a banker, marketer, consultant, or all-around free spirit. We welcome all and look forward to exploring the brands and industries you love with you!


Our goal is to inform students of job opportunities and prepare them for interviews. We gather and disseminate information regarding trends and company profiles within the retail and luxury goods segments.


We attract retail & luxury companies to Johnson, thereby promoting Johnson students and the school’s brand.


We host guest speakers and serve as an internal network for members to discuss and engage in activities involving the business of retail and luxury.

Our Team

Julia Blakeley
Victoria Yen
VP, Business Development
Grace Lee
Caio Liberato
VP, Business Development
Stefanie Ritter
VP, Communications & Outreach
Kavya Murali
VP, Operations
Debbie Luk Graves
Career Advisor
Vishal Gaur
Program Advisor