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About Us

The Johnson Wine Club was founded upon the premise that good wine is a treat to be shared and enjoyed by all. JWC provides fun and educational opportunities for students to enjoy and learn about wine.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to taking an educational approach to support BIPOC businesses in the wine industry that has a broader impact on the university. We are focused on giving inclusive voices a platform, so expect to have the opportunity to meet great up-and-coming producers, try their wines, and learn more about the nuances of the wine industry.

Members Benefits

Fall 2021 Membership

Membership this semester, will include various wines curated by our board for 4-6 meetings in addition to small bites. Meetings may be in person or virtual depending on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Additional benefits include access to guest speakers in beverage management at the Hotel School along with access to curated special events for a supplemental charge.

Blind tasting education & competitions

As a member of the Johnson Wine Club you will have access to multiple virtual classes in tasting from sight, nose, palate, to conclusion. For those interested, towards the end of the semester we will be hosting fun team competitions all virtually enabled for equitable participation.

How does it work?

Scheduled tastings will be held on the premises of Sage Hall or virtually depending on circumstances related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If virtual, JWC will partner with a local area wine store to curate pre-selected wines. Regardless of format, our goal is to give everyone a chance to learn more about wine and meet new Johnson classmates.

Please join wine club by September 10th to ensure wine availability. Members joining after September 10th may not receive the same wines.









Our Team

Pilar Resendez Profile

Pilar Resendez

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Josh Debel

Saurab Prabhakar Profile

Saurab Prabhakar

VP, Education
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Ash Bhandari

Co-VP, Events
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Stephanie Blais

Co-VP, Events
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Rodolfo Flores Méndez

VP, Marketing
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Dana Sherry

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Scott Tunis

VP, Partnerships
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Mikaila McAndrew


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