MBA Student Council

A registered student organization of Cornell University.

About Student Council

The MBA Student Council proactively works to improve the Johnson School by providing direction and implementing change. The committee consists of 15 elected students and seeks input from students, faculty and staff to address both strategic and tactical issues facing the school. Strategic areas range from alumni development to branding and long-term planning. Tactical areas include curriculum requirements and social programming. We meet weekly with deans and other key faculty, staff and members of the Johnson and broader Cornell communities.

Our Team

Matheus Lelis Profile

Matheus Lelis

Dani Luna Profile

Dani Luna

Divya Govindasamy Profile

Divya Govindasamy

Ami Parekh Profile

Ami Parekh

VP, Admitted Students
Allison Klimple Profile

Allison Klimple

VP, Alumni Relations
Tate Driver Profile

Tate Driver

VP, Career Management
Kalkidan Tewodros Profile

Kalkidan Tewodros

VP, Community & Belonging
Amado Vargas Profile

Amado Vargas

VP, Data & Technology
Salvador E. Pineda Profile

Salvador E. Pineda

VP, Faculty Relations
Nodira Subikhonova Profile

Nodira Subikhonova

VP, Health & Wellness
Ali Jutha Profile

Ali Jutha

VP, Internal Programming
Jenny Huang Profile

Jenny Huang

VP, Marketing
Ofosuah Frimpong Profile

Ofosuah Frimpong

VP, Special Events
Phoebe Kyritsis Profile

Phoebe Kyritsis

VP, Sustainability
Iris Arguedas Salgado Profile

Iris Arguedas Salgado

VP, International Students
Jackie Barrett Profile

Jackie Barrett

Program Advisor