Student Council

Uniting voices to connect community.

About Student Council

Student Council proactively works to improve Johnson by providing direction and implementing change. The committee consists of 16 elected students and seeks input from students, faculty and staff to address both strategic and tactical issues facing the school. Strategic areas range from alumni development to branding and long-term planning. Tactical areas include curriculum requirements and social programming. We meet weekly with deans and other key faculty, staff and members of the Johnson and broader Cornell communities.

Our Team

Mary Benman
Athena Ebinger
Isabella Bertagna
Alumni Affairs Chair
Jock Fullmer
CMC Chair
Isabela Ossa Guerrero
Cohort Chair
Demi Hayes
Community & Belonging Chair
Melonie Mitchell
Faculty Chair
Charlie Day
Finance & Operations Chair
Minwei Cao
Health & Wellness Chair
Mariana Flores Aguilar
International Chair
Jessie Felde
Marketing & Communications Chair
Yashodhara Neerukonda
One-Year MBA Representative
Zhen Wu
One-Year MBA Representative
Monica Duffy
Social Chair
Simon Lang
Technology & Facilities Chair