Student Funding

Additional Funding

Supplementary funding available to students and student-led organizations.


Student Budget Committee funds are available to both clubs and individual students in Johnson to supplement funding from other sources. SBC funds can be used for a wide variety of events and are meant to provide financial support to student activities that enhance Johnson visibility in the public arena or promote student involvement and inclusion.

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The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission (GPSAFC) is the funding arm of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA) for registered student organizations that are open to all graduate students. Funding available is based upon each club’s tier assignment. Click below for details regarding budgets, requests, tier assignments, and other miscellaneous questions.

GPSAFC Website


Title-Town is a Student Council initiative that aims to increase Johnson’s presence at major case competitions. The goals of Title-Town are to: increase chances for students interact with firms, industries, and potential employers, especially those not usually available on campus, create more exposure for Johnson, promote Johnson pride, and bring some trophies home!

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