VP Prospective Outreach, 
Congming Jiang

When you attend Johnson, you join a community that wants to see you succeed. The students, alumni, professors, and administrators are all incredibly supportive of one another. This is especially true within our LGBTQ+ community of more than thirty active LGBTQ+ members and hundreds of student allies. O4B is instrumental in cultivating the thriving community that supports LGBTQ+ identities. Our community also provides the safety to explore a new identity for those who may be unsure or questioning. Connect with us directly to hear about our diverse range of backgrounds and experiences!

Our Community

At Johnson, we are actively and purposefully working on diversity and inclusion by getting into the nuances of what it means to experience the world through multiple lenses. Intersectionality is real - Out for Business is just one of the many groups in the Venn diagram that is Baron Munoz. I find myself challenging my classmates to think outside their experience and they do the same to me, we're working to become better business leaders with higher racial/gender/diversity intelligence and empathy. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Baron Munoz
MBA '21

I'm still figuring out what my bisexuality means to me, but I am grateful I get to explore my identity and present my authentic self to my classmates. I am extremely grateful for Johnson and the inclusive environment it has created.

Stefy Smith