Johnson Registrar's Office

The Johnson Registrar's Office supports the academic experience for each of our eight programs, covering more than 1,400 students across three continents. We manage the curriculum, course planning, and course enrollment process at the school level, helping students navigate degree requirements and registration, student records, and more. We also work with students, staff, and faculty on all room scheduling and planning in Sage Hall and the Breazzano Family Center for Business Education.

We also maintain records and ensure compliance with federal, state, and university regulations for each program in the Johnson School portfolio—including complex and "non-standard" degree programs in a variety of formats and locations, such as a dual-degree in China and Executive MBA programs in the New York City metropolitan area and across North America.

Johnson Programs

Two-Year Ithaca MBA
Johnson Cornell Tech MBA
Executive MBA Americas
Executive MBA Metro NY
Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership
Cornell-Tsinghua Finance MBA

MS in Business Analytics

MPS in Management

Meet Our Team

Brooke Tobey


Brooke is a classically trained painter specializing in oil and egg tempera applications. Brooke and her husband recently relocated back to Upstate NY where they own and operate a U-Pick blueberry farm!

Paula Miller

Assistant Registrar

Paula never misses The Grassroots Festival, and is as comfortable making garden-fresh jams and sauces in her kitchen as she is taking a thrill ride (ask her about that time she bungee jumped). Her joy at work is helping students along their entire Johnson MBA journey, orientation through graduation.