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Post a club event on the Johnson Calendar, with or without registrations. TIP: Co-host your event (under #8 in Campus Groups) with MBAI, MBAII, MPS Programs to show in those Outlook calendar feeds. For events open to student partners, co-host with the Joint Ventures group as well. [club officers only]

Events using GPSAFC Funding
must be posted to the
CORNELL CampusGroups calendar.

Officially join a Johnson School club, pay dues, etc.


Manage your club membership [club officers only]

Current members should be bulk-uploaded to
CORNELL CampusGroups, as this impacts
insurance and funding.


Manage your club website [club officers only]


Upload files with document-specific access settings [club officers only]

Club Constitution must be uploaded
to CORNELL CampusGroups.

Email club members [club officers only]


Register your club with the University each fall -- REQUIRED for access to university venues, club insurance, and GPSAFC funding. [club officers only]



Access GPSAFC funding via the MONEY menu. [club officers only]


Submit REQUIRED activity waivers for all SPORTS CLUBS.    
Promote your event campus-wide [REQUIRED when using GPSAFC funds]   Post an Event on the CORNELL CampusGroups Calendar:
Submit for the Campus Activities Weekly Newsletter at:
this link

Search the Johnson School alumni directory and/or generate directories of Johnson School classes for your personal reference.


Promote your club/events via Student Council Newsletter to Johnson School students who are not club members. SUBMIT BY 5PM THU for Monday email. Submit information for SC Weekly Email:

Promote your club/event to Johnson Partners/Spouses

Send Your Email Promotion to:

Post a slide on digital signage in Sage Hall (and/or other SC Johnson College of Business locations) to promote your club event.

Templates & Submission Link:

Reserve a flat screen monitor for club use in Sage Atrium or Parlor; or any other specialized audio-visual equipment or services.

Email Request to:

Post a printed flyer/poster in Sage Hall in the black freestanding holders or on the basement bulletin boards. NO posters on doors, walls, stairwells, or windows. [Printing limit: 30 one-page color OR 50 one-page black & white.]

Email Document for Color Printing to: