Johnson at Cornell University | Groups

Johnson Student Activities & Special Events Office
107 Sage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
  1. All clubs must register each fall with Cornell University Campus Activities. Registration is done online at NOTE that the Cornell instance of CampusGroups is used by Johnson School clubs ONLY for Club Registrations and GPSAFC Budget ApplicationsAll other Johnson School club management functions (calendar, memberships, emails, websites, event registrations, surveys, etc.) should be done at
  2. Failure to register your club with the university will result in your group NOT being covered by university insurance, and therefore your group will NOT be allowed to sponsor any activities until your registration is complete. Your club also will NOT have access to GPSAFC funds until your registration is complete.
  3. Group Name - the name of the club should be "JOHNSON - Club Name"
  4. Classification - Johnson School clubs register as "Independent Organizations"
  5. Categories - all Johnson School clubs should select "CA - Independent Registered Organization," in addition to other applicable categories, like "CA - Career Development and Networking," etc.
  6. Funding Sources are GPSAFC for most, and will also include FUNDRAISING, and/or OTHER/MEMBER DUES for others. Clubs that utilize GPSAFC funding must be open to membership from the entire Cornell Graduate Community (not just Johnson).
  7. When registering online with the CAO, clubs must submit a constitution document. You can find more information, and a generic document to customize for your club here.
    • Email  Use Club's "" address OR President’s Email Here
    • Address  107 Sage Hall, Ithaca NY 14853 – use this for any addresses
    • REQUIRED POSITIONS to register with the University: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Advisor.
    • For the required ADVISOR position, all Johnson MBA clubs can list:
      • Name  Rhonda Velazquez
      • Email
      • NetID  rhv2
  9. Sports Clubs: Sports clubs have additional requirements for registration, including submitting rosters online and having members sign waivers at