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Johnson Student Activities & Special Events Office
107 Sage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
  1. To select a DATE for your event, consult the Johnson Calendar of Events to avoid conflicts with the academic schedule or school wide events and email so we can help review any conflicts.
  2. ALL CORPORATE events of ANY nature must be cleared IN ADVANCE with the Career Management Center. Refer to this page for detailed instructions.
  3. ALUMNI OUTREACH - before approaching alumni to participate in your activities or events, please contact the Alumni Affairs Office.
  4. JOHNSON ROOM RESERVATIONS |View Johnson School Available Spaces|
    To request space in Sage Hall or Breazzano, please email with the following information, as required in Cornell's 25live reservation system:
    1. Name of sponsoring club/department
    2. Title of the event
    3. Date(s) and time(s) of event(s)
    4. Exactly how long you need the room...being sure to allow adequate time for set-up and clean-up, especially with catered functions
    5. Number of people expected. You must ensure that you do not exceed the capacity of the space you are in.
    6. Responsible person with email address
    7. Do you plan to serve food or beverage? If yes, describe what and how it will be served. Are you hiring a caterer; having pizza/sandwich delivery, etc.?
    8. Will any alcohol will be served? If YES, please indicate which licensed caterer will be serving the alcohol. (See #5 below.)
    9. If not hiring a cater to serve alcohol (sometimes allowable for events with 50 people or less), please answer the following:
      1. What types of alcohol, and how much of each will be served?
      2. What types of food, and how much of each will be served? (NOTE that food is required when serving alcohol)
      3. How do you plan to control the service and consumption of alcohol?
    10. Which space you want (preferably with an alternate)
    11. A/V requirements, especially noting if Zoom will be used.
    1. When hosting an event with alcohol on campus, hire a caterer that has liquor liability coverage on file with the university. Note that caterers need approximately 15 business days to secure a NY State liquor permit for events in non-licensed facilities like Sage, a tent, or Breazzano.
    2. Licensed facilities on campus, where you do not need to engage an outside caterer, and which do not need to apply for event-specific permits are the Statler Hotel, Big Red Barn, Helen Newman Bowling Alley, and Moakley House.
    3. For all events, if you are using any funds residing in university accounts (GPSAFC, Johnson SBC, Corporate Funds, Johnson Departments sponsorship, etc.) alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured caterer, or served at a licensed facility (restaurant/bar).
    4. For full details, review Cornell's Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs.
  6. ROOMS outside Johnson - To reserve other spaces on campus (i.e., Big Red Barn), please refer to Cornell's Academic and Event Scheduling. Clubs must be fully registered with the university in order to reserve space on campus.
  7. RISK MANAGEMENT WAIVERS - To determine if your event requires a waiver, review the information on Cornell’s Risk Management page. NOTE: all off-campus events require a custom waiver that must be requested from CU Risk Management in advance of your event for all registrants to sign.
  8. POST your event - Once your event date is set, your club officers can post the event to the Johnson Calendar of Events by creating an event in your group.
  9. When entering events on the calendar, if you co-host your event with the MBAI, MBAII Program groups, it will show up in the calendar feeds that most students have set-up; this is done under #8 when editing events in CampusGroups.
  10. If your event is also open to partners of Johnson Students, co-hosting with the Joint Ventures group in JOHNSON CampusGroups will cause your event to show up on their lists of events.
  11. If your club is using GPSAFC funds to sponsor your event, be sure to include this wording on your listing and all promotions "Funded by the GPSAFC. Open to the Graduate Community. Please Contact EMAIL regarding any accommodations you may need to attend this event."
  12. If your club is using GPSAFC funds to sponsor your event, it must also be posted on the Cornell Calendar of Events.
  13. AUDIO/VISUAL needs - If you require A/V assistance for your event, please contact at least five (5) business days in advance of your event.
  14. FACILITIES/SET-UP needs - if you require any special set-up for your event, after-hours custodial coverage, etc., please submit a service request at least five (5) business days in advance of your event.
  15. ZOOM WEBINARS - the Johnson Student Activities & Special Events Office has two (2) Zoom webinar licenses that are available for club webinars at no cost. Requests will be handled in the order they are received. Please submit your request VIA THIS SURVEY at least five (5) business days prior to your event. For information on your Cornell Zoom account, and the differences between a meeting and webinar, visit
  16. DIGITAL MARKETING - to post school-wide events on the screens in Sage Hall or Breazzano, visit this page. For more guidelines on communication tools, visit this page.
  17. SWAG - CORNELL/JOHNSON NAME OR LOGO ON T-SHIRTS, PENS, MUGS, etc. If you want to produce any promotional items with the Cornell/Johnson name and/or logo, you must use a vendor licensed to produce Cornell merchandise, and you must complete an approval form. Cornell details and the approval form can be found on this page. You'll also want to be sure to be in compliance with Johnson Brand Guidelines.
  18. Any CONTRACTS signed by club officers are the responsibility of the club and must be backed by club external checking account funds. Contracts being entered into that will be paid from funds residing in school/university accounts must be reviewed in advance by the Johnson Student Activities & Special Events Office and signed by Cornell Purchasing. Please allow at least fifteen (15) business days for this process.