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  1. Whether the employer contacts club leadership, or if  clubs reach out to companies, please loop the CMC into any on-campus corporate event communications.  See spreadsheet of CMC contacts.
  1. Before setting a date, check the Johnson Calendar of Events, to be sure there aren’t any academic or major event conflicts. If you have questions about any events on the calendar, contact Student Activites & Special Events.

NOTE:  Clubs should NOT schedule any events that conflict with Core Classes/Exams or Corporate Briefings; NOR should they schedule events at the same time as Sage Socials…it’s all on the calendar.

  1. When it comes time to plan an event, please notify your CMC contact (see spreadsheet) so that we can work with you and the company.  If you already know the details, please answer the following questions and give them to your CMC event contact.
  1. Title of Event:  __________________________________________________
  2. Date and Time (Start & End) of Event:  __________________________________________________
  3. Company Name: __________________________________________________
  4. Company Contact Name/Email/Phone: __________________________________________________
  5. Name of Club Hosting:  __________________________________________________
  6. Student Coordinator Contact Name/Email/Phone: __________________________________________________
  7. Type of Event (Breakfast, Reception, etc.) __________________________________________________
  8. Expected Attendance: __________________________________________________
  9. Student Audience (Open to Specific Club or Open to All): ____________________________________________
  10. A/V requirements (PowerPoint projection, etc.): __________________________________________________

The Career Management Center recognizes that companies frequently reach out to the professional clubs, in addition to the CMC, to plan on-campus corporate events. The CMC staff acknowledges that student are very busy, and wants to make sure that planning these events does not take up too much of your time.

The CMC will make the following arrangements on behalf of the clubs for corporate events:

  • Make a room reservation in Sage Hall
  • Set-up the registration in JTS if the event is open to all Johnson students, or in Campus Groups if the event is open only to specific club members.
  • Post the event on the Johnson Calendar of Events
  • Advertise the event through Career Network News, if requested by a club member.
  • Request any necessary A/V equipment.
  • Accept shipments from companies, if applicable.
  • Provide a registration table, if applicable.

The CMC will not and cannot be involved in the catering and room reservation process at the Statler Hotel.  If the club is paying for catering in Sage or holding the event at the Statler, we will happily share our preferred vendors and Statler contacts with you. If the company is paying for the catering in Sage or the event is held at the Statler, will will share our contacts with them as well. Many of our companies that recruit here are used to this, as this is our process for on-campus briefings. Our contact for room reservations at the Statler is Jenn Hart 607-254-2564.