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2023-2024 Season
Please note that this information applies to Johnson School MBA Clubs only.
Employers may come to campus for in-person events, hold fully virtual events, or take a hybrid approach. The ability to host in-person events is subject to change based on university guidelines. Please note, campus visitors (including employers and invited guests) must follow the university guidance for campus events and visitors found at the information for visitors' page. We will only be able to support clubs events that follow these guidelines.

  1. Whether the employer contacts club leadership, or if  clubs reach out to companies, please email the Career Management Center (CMC) to inform them of any corporate event communications.

  1. Before setting a date, check the Johnson Calendar of Events (you must be logged into Johnson CampusGroups to view CMC events), to be sure there aren’t any academic or major event conflicts, then confirm with the CMC that the date/time is free. If you have questions about any events on the calendar, contact Student Activities & Special Events.

NOTE:  Clubs should NOT schedule any events that conflict with Core Classes/Exams or Corporate Events; NOR should they schedule events at the same time as Sage Socials…it’s all on the calendar.

  1. When it comes time to plan an event, please email the CMC so that they can work with you and the company.  If you already know the details, please include the following information in your email:

  1. Title of Event:  _______________________________________________________________________________

  2. Tentative Date and Time (Start & End) of Event:  _________________________________________________

  3. Company Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

  4. Company Contact Name/Email/Phone: __________________________________________________________

  5. Name of Club Hosting:  ________________________________________________________________________

  6. Student Coordinator Contact Name/Email/Phone: _________________________________________________

  7. Type of Event (Panel, Virtual Meet & Greet, etc.) __________________________________________________

  8. In-person or virtual?  __________________________________________________________________________

  9. Student Audience (Open to Specific Club or Open to All): __________________________________________

  10. Virtual Platform & Link if applicable (Zoom, Webex, etc.): _______________________________________________

The Career Management Center recognizes that companies frequently reach out to the professional clubs, in addition to the CMC, to plan corporate events. The CMC staff acknowledges that student are very busy, and want to make sure that planning these events is manageable for all parties.
The CMC will make the following arrangements on behalf of the clubs for corporate events:

  • Set-up the registration in JTS if the event is open to all Johnson students, and if desired by the club.

  • Advertise the event through the CMC Insider newsletter, if requested by a club member.

  • Work with the club to assess room needs, and provide contact information for room reservations.

  • Provide the club with A/V team contact information to request desired support.

The CMC requires a club leader or designated club member be present for the entirety of the event to act as a point person. CMC staff is typically not able to cover club events day-of.