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Johnson Student Activities & Special Events Office
107 Sage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
  • Getting Started LOGIN to CampusGroups by clicking on the red "Johnson School CUWebLogin" button and entering your Cornell netID and password.  Click on the groups icon at the top of the page and select the group to MANAGE. You will then see tabs for members, emails, events, website, etc.
  • Johnson Calendar - Be sure to post your meetings and events to the Johnson Calendar of Events via CampusGroups.  LOGIN to CampusGroups; MANAGE your group; then CLICK on the Events tab.
    • When entering events, it is a good idea to "co-host" your event with the MBAI, MBAII Program groups, so that it shows up on Outlook calendar feeds set-up by these groups.  You'll find the co-host option under #8 when editing an event in CampusGroups. If your event is also open to student partners, co-host with the Joint Ventures group as well.
  • Members - Club officers will receive an email message whenever a new member joins your group via CampusGroups.  A club officer needs to LOGIN to CampusGroups; MANAGE your group; CLICK on the Members tab, and VALIDATE each new member to confirm payment of dues, etc.  You can also maintain list of contacts who are not actual members, etc. If you receive messages from OrgSync regarding people who want to join your group, direct them to CampusGroups to join.
  • Payments - Online payments for club dues and event registrations can be processed in CampusGroups via PayPal.  LOGIN to CampusGroups; MANAGE your group; CLICK on Settings to see what account is attached to your group.  If you need to add or change this PayPal account, send the account email address to Sign-up and payment details for events are established within each individual event.
  • Websites - Each club in CampusGroups automatically has a website with the default that the officers of each club can modify.  LOGIN to CampusGroups; MANAGE your group; then CLICK on the Website tab. To see what other clubs have done with their websites, you can peruse them here.
  • Tutorials - You'll find many CampusGroups articles and video tutorials at
  • Support Email -