Battle of the Brands

The annual Johnson marketing challenge, "Battle of the Brands" lets teams compete in creating and executing marketing plans for real branded products. Recognizing the evolving role of marketers, the two-week action-based learning experience engages the entire Johnson community - students, mentors and executives - in bringing the experience to life. 

(Members of the class of 2019 display products from Colgate-Palmolive.)

"Battle of the Brands" explores marketing concepts and trends in an experiential context. Presented by the Marketing Association and with past sponsors including P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, S.C Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Ocean Spray, Reckitt Benckiser, Kraft-Heinz, The Hershey Company and Danone, the competition showcases Johnson's strong focus on performance learning. Students benefit from immediate application of classroom materials while engaging early with sponsoring companies.

(Brandon Banner ('19) demonstrates his product from Unilever to customers at Sage Social)


During the first week of competition, teams segmented the “Johnson market,” selected a target group, determined how to position their assigned product and developed their marketing plan. Many use surveys, focus groups, and other market research methodologies to properly target this market. During the second week, students executed their plan, promoting their product throughout the Johnson School using a $250 budget and the marketing mix of their choice.

(The team from Kraft-Heinz sells hotdogs at the 2017 Sage Social)

(Happy customers at Sage Social wait in line to purchase products (with free tickets) from team S.C Johnson)